Guidelines for the return of articles

If you would like to return a product, we will be happy to inform you about the possibility of sending it back to Gimota AG. As a matter principle, we only accept returned goods that are intact and in their original packaging. The articles must have been delivered within the last 6 months.


Please contact our customer service by e-mail beforehand at, including a list of the clearly identifiable articles. The list must in all cases contain the article number and the quantity you wish to return as well as the delivery note and invoice numbers and an appropriate reason as to why you are sending the goods back.


Processing may be refused in the event of a net value of < CHF 100.00 owing to the low value in relation to the costs involved.


The following articles cannot in any circumstance be accepted, and no refund granted:

  • Incomplete packaging, coils and packaging units that have been opened and partly used
  • Products manufactured to customer specifications (project-related) and not part of our regular stock
  • Small items such as O-rings, seals, screws etc. (spares)
  • Damaged or heavily soiled products
  • Products that no longer correspond to the current design or which are no longer part of our product range.

We will not accept a return shipment for which no advance information is provided and which is sent back to us without notification. Any such returned goods must be collected within 30 days as otherwise we will arrange for the material to be disposed of in a due and proper manner and charge you for any costs incurred.


Large orders exceeding CHF 5,000.00 are processed separately and require special approval.


The return shipment is to be performed based on INCOTERMS 2010, DDP CH-8954 Geroldswil, at your expense. The incoming goods will be accepted following successful inspection and you will receive appropriate feedback from our Customer Service. Please understand that the acceptance of returned goods is at our discretion and that, in cases where the aforementioned points are not met, articles cannot be credited. In this case, we reserve the right to return the goods or to dispose of them at the sender’s expense.


In the case of products that are returned in perfect condition, we reserve the right to deduct up to a maximum of 20% as a processing fee to cover internal expenses. The credit note will be issued within 60 days.


Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.