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GIMOTA Power Connectors GP

Whether you‘re moving from one city to another, taking a high-speed train through the desert or the metro beneath a city, it‘s railways that get you from point A to point B. In order for these electric multiple units to reach their destination, they need power in the form of current and voltage. Gimota GP Series power connectors are robust high current/high voltage connectors. They ensure the electrical connection between different applications within the propulsion chain of rail vehicles. The robust GP Power connectors are used worldwide for power transmission where very high currents flow and high voltages are required. For example, as a disconnection point between power converter and traction motor, for high-current connections between control units and vehicles or for connections to converters and batteries.

With ratings of up to 3600VAC and up to 1000 A, GP connectors can be designed for almost all high-current connections and applications and adapted to individual requirements. From 1-pole to 12-pole connectors, all combinations are possible with cable cross-sections of up to 240 mm², as well as a wide variety of cable outlets with matching cable strain reliefs and special locking mechanisms, coding or earthing pins.

Depending on the model, they comply with protection class IP66/67/69 to DIN EN 60529 when mated, making them suitable for the most demanding applications and meeting the tough requirements of railway applications. The entire connector system is RoHS compliant and fulfils the European standard EN 50467 „Railway applications – rolling stock – electrical connectors requirements and test methods“. Depending on the material, the insulators comply with the fire protection standard DIN EN 45545-2 R22,R23 / HL1,HL2,HL3.


•    Suitable for railway applications
•    Resistant housings
•    Various terminations with or without shield connection
•    Vibration proof
•    Various designs for different applications
•    More than 60 years of railway experience


•    Operating temperature -60°C to +120°C
•    EN 45545-2 R22,R23/HL1,HL2,HL3 possible
•    EN 60529 Protection class up to IP69 DIN
•    Up to 1000A power
•    Up to 3600V voltage
•    Up to 240 mm² cable cross-section



GIMOTA Power connector with bayonet lock / Depot connector

In addition to specific parameters such as voltage, amperage or waterproofness, other application requirements must also be taken into account: Environmental and operating conditions, robustness and handling. GIMOTA depot connectors are usually individually designed and manufactured to meet the customer‘s project-specific requirements. They ensure the power supply of the train in the depot when the pantographs are de-energised.

GIMOTA Power connector with bayonet lock / Depot connector


The single-pole power connectors with bayonet lock were developed for motor and power connections in railway applications up to 1000 A. They are suitable for jumper connections, power distribution and the connection of traction motors. Codable versions available to avoid mismatching (up to 12 variants). IP67 according to EN 60529 is fulfilled in mated condition. The fire protection behaviour corresponds to R22,R23 /HL1,HL2,HL3 according to DIN EN 45545-2. Depending on the application, EMC shielding is also available.

Gimota 1 Pole Powerconnector


The multi-pole power connectors are used for motor and power connections in railway applications. They are suitable for power distribution across wagons and for connecting traction motors. Connectors with up to 12 contacts from 50mm2 to 240mm2 are possible. The design is usually defined customer-specifically according to the application and installation situation.

Gimota Multi-pole power connectors



The modular multi-pole power connector can be used to transmit high currents and voltages. It is suitable as a separation point on the bogie, on traction motors and at vehicle transitions. It is characterised by its modularity, maximum flexibility, compact design and quick assembly. It is particularly suitable for harsh environments and impresses with its high resistance to vibration, impact and shaking.

Due to its modular design, the GPM connector can be easily adapted to the given space conditions and quickly installed due to its construction. The individual contact modules can be mounted individually by means of connecting elements and adapted to various space conditions.

The GPM connector is designed for a voltage of up to 3600 VAC and a current of up to 1000 A. The contacts are available for cables from 50- 240mm2. With this connector system, up to 12 contacts with different cable strain reliefs and locking mechanisms can be used. Additional earthing contacts and coding are also available.

These robust connectors comply with protection class IP66/67 to DIN EN 60529 when mated, making them suitable for the most demanding applications and meeting the tough requirements of railway applications. They are RoHS compliant and meet the European Standard EN 50467 „Railway applications – rolling stock – electrical connectors requirements and test methods“.

Gimota Modular multi-pole power connector

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