Environment-Management, ROHS:

GIMOTA AG's Eco-Management is based on DIN standard ISO14001, and therefore forbears from using environmental pollutants heavy metals such as lead, mercury, cadmium, chromium VI, and substances in plastic, such as poly biphenyl bromidel (PBB) and poly bromide diphenyl ether (PBDE).


How does this affect you?

ROHS compliant surface coating on circular connectors.

Now, we differentiate between conducting and insulating surfaces. For conducting surface coatings, we recommend zinc cobalt black and for non-conducting surfaces we apply epoxy polyurethane, which will become GIMOTA's standard for surface coatings, and replace the existing cadmium surface coating (olive drap).


New material for Inserts.

Instead of Chloroprene, we focus on using ethylene acrylate ate, which corresponds with the fire-fighting facilities according to NF 16-101/102 I2/F0 and EN 45545-2 R23/HL3.


We will support you!

Our customer service department will persevere to shorten the transition period as good as possible. Our stock (non-ROHS conform products) will be cleared on the principle of first-in/first-out. In case you wish to order specifically ROHS conform products; we would like to ask you, to state this explicitly in your order.