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GTM12 accessories

Information for GTM12 accessories
GTB12 are M12 connectors with bayonet quick-release locks based on the industrially proven M12 plug connection technology and the basis of the standard EN 61076-2-101, which have been continuously adapted to the additional needs of railway technology and tested according to EN50155.

Bayonet couplings compared to screw-connected connections are much simpler, more safely lockable and they offer the greatest possible vibration resistance by virtue of a form-fit, defined clicking-in of the bayonet catch.

They can be assembled in the field, have turned crimp contacts and a reliable shield connection by means of shield spring. The design is extremely slim and has a low weight. With IP 67, the products offer the required degree of protection to meet the influences to be expected in railway technology.
In a nutshell this means:
  • Bayonet quick release fastener
  • Suitable for the railway
  • Resistant housing (metal)
  • Small form factor (slim design)
  • EN45545
  • For field assembly
  • Turned contacts
  • Contacts are supplied with the product
  • IP67
  • Cable range 6.0 - 8.5mm
RoHS II compliantCertified according GOSTProtection class according DIN EN 60529 / IP67Suitable for EMI applications