First commissioning of GTB12 plugs
Published at Apr 13, 2017

First successful commissioning of GTB12 plugs (M12 plugs with  bayonet catch) in Albula’s new ALVA articulated trains of RHB.

On occasion of the UNESCO World Heritage Days on 11 and 12 June 2016, the new train of Rhätische Bahn (RhB) was launched in Thusis. Before an audience of guests, the local RhB Administrative Board President, Stefan Engler, and RhB Director, Renato Fasciati, welcomed the youngest “child” to the RhB fleet and launched it under the name of “Alvra” (Rhaeto-Romanian for Albula).


The Alvra articulated trains will be gradually transitioned into operations starting in late 2016. It is expected that all six of the Alvra articulated trains will be in scheduled service by the end of 2017. The new GIMOTA M12 plug connectors with GTB12 bayonet catch also played a part in this.


Operating safety is a very high priority today for any railway operator. This is why it comes as no surprise that railway operators are not happy with the common industrial M12 plug connectors great volumes of which are already used today in railway technology.

One frequently cited drawback of these industrial M12 plug connectors, however, is their contact connection with conductors/strands. These are often offered as soldered versions, screwed versions or with insulation displacement connection (IDC) for field termination. According to experience, crimped contact connections make for the best results in terms of durability and vibrations.


The correct screw connection of the plugs where available space is tight is also considered to be problematic in many cases. Bayonet couplings compared to screw-connected plugs are much simpler, more safely lockable and they offer the greatest possible vibration resistance by virtue of a form-fit, defined clicking-in of the bayonet catch.


Based on the M12 plug connection technology proven in industrial use and the standard EN 61076-2-101, and according to the draft standard IEC 61076-2-011, Gimota AG has continuously adjusted its M12 plugs to the additional needs of railway technology.


This means:

- The selected plastics meet the highest of standards of the railway industry for flame resistance
- The components used are resilient and tested for the strong occurring vibrations in railway traffic
- 360° shielding in an electromagnetically charged environment for reliable transmission of all signals
- All products are tested for temperature shocks; these must not affect the electrical functions of products in any way

RHB is the first railway operator to recognise the manifold advantages of the GTB12 series and therefore relies on using the same in the complete, modern passenger information system of the new Alvra articulated trains.